Father, I come before you in the name of your son, Jesus Christ. Lord, you know all things. They are all before you like an open book. Who can hide their heart from your presence and your eye? The deeds of the most clever men are exposed before you. Your omniscience knows know bounds - and if it were not for grace, I would be of all men most terrified. But there is grace, abounding and glorious, poured out upon the weakest of men, and abounding to your glory.
Father, I praise you and I worship you; I thank you for all that you are and all that have done. There is no one like you in Heavens and on the Earth or under the earth. You are the King and there is no other. You are Savior and you share your glory with no one. Father, this day you know me and my great need of grace. Why am I here except that you called the weakest among men, the most ignoble among brothers, and that by your grace, often times, the lesser teaches the greater? That is always my case and I praise you. I worship you. Father, help us today, to the wind with eloquence, to hell with brilliant intellect, Father. Let the truth go forward. Let me be changed that the state of your church be more glorious. I pray for grace upon grace and mercy upon mercy for myself and for those who read my blog. Help us, Oh God, and we will be helped; and we will boast in that help in Jesus' Name. AMEN!!!

Sunday, April 2, 2017


You are beautiful, well-thought-out of God. You are not an accident! Before time began, God loved you, and when the time was right, He made you. You have always mattered to Him; but for some reason, when we go through hard times, we forget how cherished we are by our maker.

Rather than seeing the dark moments of our life as God's loving moments, we reflect on the feelings we're experiencing. But God teaches us through every moment of life, whether good or bad. He may not desire evil things to happen to you, but He sometimes allows this for your growth or to test your sincerity. There are a few times, however, when God does bring difficulties on us to rebuke us for the sake of repentance. This is not God's wrath but, rather, His loving hand gently breaking us. Like a master sculptor, He uses the hard moments of life to chip away the unnecessary pieces of our hearts. But His finished work is beautiful.

In everything He does, God loves you, if you reflect on His love for you rather than on your disdain for something about yourself or someone else, it will edify your heart to speak words that bring healing. Everything God says is spoken in love. There isn't a single word of His that isn't founded on love in one way or another. Even in condemning the evil at judgement, His words are yet spoken in love-love for justice and love for you the person He is setting free from the surrounding evil.

When your struggling with faith or with self-condemnation, you need to remember how the Lord sees you. Satan enjoys tearing us down, nagging us in our thoughts with our failures and things we can't stand about ourselves or others. But if we ignore his destructive words and focus on the Lord and His love for us, God's joy overtakes us instead. Every word begins with the heart. If we allow the love of God to change and shape our heart, our words will follow.

If you are struggling financially, will He let you suffer in need forever? While it may seem like forever, if you are patient with God, He will provide for you in His own timing. But whether you wait patiently or not, He will save you. He Has appointed a day on which your trial will be over.

If you are looking at yourself with a negative self-image, you need to stop being so critical and focus on the Spirit of God. When we look at our own issues, it causes us to reflect on self rather on than the Lord. The only way to experience His Joy is through focusing on Him, then darkness can establish a foothold in our hearts and minds.

If you have the ability to change what you don't like about yourself, then lay it before the Lord in prayer. Ask Him to keep you accountable, that you can continue in confidence. If you ask God for change, He will give it to you. But no matter where you're at in life, and no matter who you are, what you have done, or what you look like, God loves you. He cherishes you, and the only thing He wants to change in you is your heart. So focus on the plan He Has for you. Embrace His purpose, and you will discover how much you are really worth.

God once described that, "No one can take you from Him. You are His child. You are His son and His baby. Heaven and earth will pass away, but His love for you shall never pass away!" This is how God feels about you. You are so precious to Him! You are His beautiful baby. He loves you so much, and nothing will separate you from His love.

While you may see your failings, your shortcomings, and your sin, God sees you as beautiful and altogether precious. He will heal you and cleanse you of all these things. But the real question is : Will you let Him?

Run away from your past and straight into the arms of Jesus. Let it go, and embrace God instead. Then let your words reflect a heart that's wholly sold out to God. If you constantly reflect on God and His love for you, how might that change what you do and what you say? If you reflect on what you hate in yourself, it will damage your heart, and your words will show it.
For Jesus Said,

"A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks." Luke 6:45

I  you have a damaged heart, it will be evident through your mouth. So draw near to God, that Jesus can heal your heart. Whether your heart is broken or not, you must grow in Christ, drawing near to God always. Especially, let your heart be conformed to His so you may speak the words of Love and life that Jesus would speak.

Grow in every facet of life. Study your Bible diligently, that the word of God may be on your lips continually. If you want power in your words, then let your mouth speak the word of God and the words of the Spirit. The only way to have the word of God on your tongue is to study it. And the only way to have the words of the Spirit is to listen intently to His voice. As it is written,

"Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord. And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to the Father through Him." Colossians 3:16-17

Before you say anything about yourself or someone else, consider how God views each of us. Become the living example of His love and let your words reflect it.