Father, I come before you in the name of your son, Jesus Christ. Lord, you know all things. They are all before you like an open book. Who can hide their heart from your presence and your eye? The deeds of the most clever men are exposed before you. Your omniscience knows know bounds - and if it were not for grace, I would be of all men most terrified. But there is grace, abounding and glorious, poured out upon the weakest of men, and abounding to your glory.
Father, I praise you and I worship you; I thank you for all that you are and all that have done. There is no one like you in Heavens and on the Earth or under the earth. You are the King and there is no other. You are Savior and you share your glory with no one. Father, this day you know me and my great need of grace. Why am I here except that you called the weakest among men, the most ignoble among brothers, and that by your grace, often times, the lesser teaches the greater? That is always my case and I praise you. I worship you. Father, help us today, to the wind with eloquence, to hell with brilliant intellect, Father. Let the truth go forward. Let me be changed that the state of your church be more glorious. I pray for grace upon grace and mercy upon mercy for myself and for those who read my blog. Help us, Oh God, and we will be helped; and we will boast in that help in Jesus' Name. AMEN!!!

Friday, September 30, 2016


The best type of leaders have been described as those who are positive, inspiring, and who empower and develop their teams.
     For us to improve our leadership skills we should have the following skills and as we exercise them in our leadership, we will improve our qualities.
                                                       Be Passionate
If you really want to know how to improve leadership skills, one of the best places to start is to be passionate about the goals of the group. Your genuine enthusiasm for the team, the project and the tasks will be contagious, and your interest and encouragement of your team members progress will make them feel appreciated and valued. Put yourself in your followers shoes.Discover Your Leadership Style
To  improve your leadership skills, you first need to understand which skills you already have; what your strengths are, and more importantly, what your weakness are. Only once you have this insight can you really begin to work on using your strengths to your advantage, improving your weaknesses, and perfecting your leadership abilities.
                                                         Communication Is Key
You won't be able to carry a team if you can't communicate with them effectively. Take the time to improve your listening and communication skills and you will soon see the results will be worthwhile. By expressing sincere care and concern towards group members and their opinions, you will encourage them to contribute to the team both verbally and non-verbally.
                                                          Boost Creativity 
If you want to get the most out of your followers, you will need to ensure that they are first stimulated intellectually and creatively. If not, you risk leading a group of bored, uninspired people who may not be able to contribute to your greater cause. Most effective employment leaders encourage creativity by offering their team members challenges with clearly defined and reachable goals, as well as ample support if required. This exercise is as much to get people to stretch their limits, as it is to teach them that obstacles aren't a barrier to success.
                                                          Have A Positive Attitude
Inspire your followers by maintaining an optimism and upbeat attitude for everything you do. This is especially important when facing obstacles and tough times. As your followers look to you for guidance, it's important you maintain an optimistic view in the face of challenges, or you risk your followers becoming uninspired and discouraged.
                                                          Encourage Contribution 
Just because you are a leader, that doesn't mean that your team can't play a large part in contributing ideas and plans. If you want a really engaged team, work on encouraging contribution by welcoming new ideas, acknowledging and even rewarding where appropriate. Although you will ultimately have the final say over all decisions, you will be increasing your members' commitment, productivity and problem-solving abilities by encouraging their involvement.
                                                           Be A Follower
Even though you're a leader, you will still want to ensure your followers can relate to you on a personal level. You can develop yourself and your leadership skills by learning from your team members and putting that new knowledge into practice. By doing this, you will make  your team members feel valued, as well as the added bonus of learning something you didn't know before. Encourage your team members to learn from each other, and they will find in not only themselves, but also one another.
                                                           Set Goals And Follow Your Plans
You can't work towards something great if you don't know what it is. Leaders need to have a vision or goal to work towards, and need concrete action plans to follow. Improve your leadership skills by being specific about this information to your followers, including timelines, expectations, and objectives. Once you do this, your followers  will know what they are working towards, and you will have a more effective leadership process.
                                                            Motivate Your Followers
If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. You can make huge improvements to your leadership skills by motivating and energizing your followers to take action.
 Let us be the leaders that will bring change in our societies.