Father, I come before you in the name of your son, Jesus Christ. Lord, you know all things. They are all before you like an open book. Who can hide their heart from your presence and your eye? The deeds of the most clever men are exposed before you. Your omniscience knows know bounds - and if it were not for grace, I would be of all men most terrified. But there is grace, abounding and glorious, poured out upon the weakest of men, and abounding to your glory.
Father, I praise you and I worship you; I thank you for all that you are and all that have done. There is no one like you in Heavens and on the Earth or under the earth. You are the King and there is no other. You are Savior and you share your glory with no one. Father, this day you know me and my great need of grace. Why am I here except that you called the weakest among men, the most ignoble among brothers, and that by your grace, often times, the lesser teaches the greater? That is always my case and I praise you. I worship you. Father, help us today, to the wind with eloquence, to hell with brilliant intellect, Father. Let the truth go forward. Let me be changed that the state of your church be more glorious. I pray for grace upon grace and mercy upon mercy for myself and for those who read my blog. Help us, Oh God, and we will be helped; and we will boast in that help in Jesus' Name. AMEN!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2016


Showing love to the aged in the community brings joy and life to many. The moment we give what we have and share to the aged or the needy people in the society it pleases the creator.

Meet the old and the aged in the community and ask them how they survive you will wonder. Some of them are rejected and abandoned by the family the moment wringles starts to appear on their faces. Some don't want to associate with them but here we show love and take care of such like people.

Do you know that you can share with the aged, visting them, comforting them, having fun with them,rejoicing together and sharing our meals with them,this will surely bring a smile to them and the more they smile the more they grow young.

Can we support the widows,the aged and the orphans in the society where we come from?yes we can. Giving back to the society means alot to an individual especially the one that has been raised up by a single parent,a total orphan or even one who has lived with the aged grandmother like me,you understand the pain this people who are old undergo in life.

It is so shameful to see an old grandmother working in the farm for somebody so as to meet her daily needs and she has sons and daughters,very shameful and this is what is happening in the society of today. There is no blessings in the house or family where they employ an aged person like this one in her 90s working.

Have you ever asked yourself this question, how our cities don't grow. We have employed the aged to be the watchmen while the young are doing nothing.

STOP THIS BY BEING A BLESSING TO SUCH LIKE PEOPLE. Give back to the society with no partiality.

You can start by visiting them, making friendship,sharing with them the love of God,remember that freely we were given and freely we should give.  Break the bread with them, share the word of God with them, have everything in common with them and lacking nothing.
 You can buy them soap, sugar,any kind of meal, cook with them and enjoy the meal with them.

Be a kingdom financer by giving to such like people. God bless you and keep you.