Tuesday, December 20, 2016


 A BOSS                                                B                                                              A LEADER
Knows everything                                 A                           A leader admits his mistakes
Tells people what to do                         L                        A leader shows how to do things
He/she criticizes                                    E                                   A leader gives advice
Talks fast and gives orders                    A                                 A leader gives direction
Demands respects                                   D                      A leader earns and deserves respect
Rules with threats not law                        R                                A leader shows human kindness
Depends on hearsay                                                                     A leader investigates
Says "I"                                                    N                                          A leader says "We"
Places blames on others                           O                         A leader fixes problems
                                                                   T                                              collaboratively
He/she commands                                    A                                       A leader asks
Pushes people                                          B                                     A leader inspires people
Uses people                                               O                          A leader develops people
Many of us today we are confusing ourselves by not really knowing who we are. we need to take time and gauge ourselves if really we are leaders or bosses.
Bosses are the people who know everything and they are not ready to admit when they are doing wrong. They are above the law and they can't listen to those who are  under them. They believe that they are the overall in everything and therefore don't need to be reminded.
On the order side we have leaders who take the responsibilities, delegates duties to its members and they partner with those they work with to deliver the most important and excellent work. Before a leader acts, he or she takes time to ask first so that he or she can deliver the best together with the team.
      My question to you my dear friend, coworker in the kingdom, are you a leader or a boss? Most people today around the globe and especially here in Kenya, all want to be bosses but not leaders. I have seen men and women of God who are supposed to be great leaders and to lead with examples have turned to be bosses, commanding others to serve them instead of them serving others like our Lord Jesus Christ. Instead of being served, He served others.
     People are fighting for power not that they want  to serve others but they want to be served as bosses and hence treat those serving them in cruelty. Church leaders instead of serving the society, the society is serving them. Politicians instead of serving those who voted them into power they have turned against them and creating boundaries by tribalism lines drawn in peoples mind. What they are doing is multiplying  corruption, I have seen men and women of God who can bring a change in this country by not compromising the message of the cross turning to the way of lying, in the name that we will bring change once we are in the government hence they have failed to unite the body of Christ. What they are going to do is to multiply corruption, May God have mercy on them. " Bishop Pastor Politicians "

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