Saturday, April 2, 2016


We encourage the young people in our societies to be people of substance and practice their gifts for the development of our communities and bring a change in the way people view things in the world.

We are called to train great leaders who will not compromise the message of the cross. Young men of value to the family and who are financially stable to be financers of the kingdom of God, using what God has given them for the glory of His name.
 This are the people that will cause a gradual change in the world and turn the world upside down with the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ. As we train them in the word of God, mature they became in the things of Him.
Kingdom Financiers taking the word to the youths around the globe. Impacting the youths with the kingdom mind of being wise stewards of the kingdom of God, training them to be role models in the communities.
Teaching them to be the agents of change in their societies. We believe that we are going to reach as many youths as possible in this world and training them to use their God given talents and use them to be a blessing to others in the community.

Yes we are making a change in the world.

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