Friday, March 18, 2016


                                           WHAT IS THE PATTERN FOR PARTNERSHIP
                                                                        Hebrews 3:4
The pattern for partnership is built and established on a heart that is burdened in seeing the work of God's Kingdom advance in an accelerated capacity.Indeed, it is God that locates and knit the hearts of men together in partnership so as to witness a release of God's anointing in a dimension that will bring the nation before the cross of Christ.

First, it is important to know that partnership cannot be initiated by the flesh. Trying to package your messages for the sole purpose of creating financial partnership I do not believe is the right way of seeking support even though the Lord might use your material to connect you to people.

Motive for ministry should not be making money but blessing people with whatever the Lord has given to us.It is not the way we look or are able to persuade people with eloquent speaking to grant us favor but the connection of our hearts to the father who connect us with His resource here on earth. The Lord knows how to direct the hearts of men to those who are connected to His uncompromising truth.

Partnership is divine since it involves men giving their substance (money)or prayers to someone they cannot see or monitor their stewardship. It must be clear that faith,obedience,integrity and the direction of the Spirit must be visible in the ministry of true partnership or else one may get discouraged by not seeing immediate result of what person been supported. Once a seed is sown,one has no more say concerning that(seed)gift since it has been sowed already. Apostolic [insight]Wisdom must be received in order to know how to disburse the seed to the areas of need right from the local needs to global level.

For every house is built by some one, But the builder of all things is God.

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