Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Have you ever one day been in a state that you cannot afford to meet your basic needs? 
If you can put a meal,let me say lunch or dinner on your table for the family or let me say your children.Have they ever missed a meal or something to put on? if not then thank God. If you can afford to live in a five star hotel with your family please consider this dear ones who have nothing at all. If you can exchange your wardrobe on a daily basis thank God. There are some who see dinner in the theory or they have dinner once a day or not at all.
Some don't even remember when they first exchanged their wardrobe and to them this is a new vocabulary.
I have been in this situation and I know and have also experinced what this dear ones miss in life,living in poor conditions,no food, no water to drink or even take a shower,always having sleepless nights due to hunger or let me say empty stomaches.
Have you ever considered this little and desperate families? if the answer is yes then you are really a true kingdom financer by what you do in the world. But if not, it is not too late you can as well start with the little that you think cannot help,it can help this family of the widow and the orphan to buy food,clothing and improve the living standards of these people.
You are the joy of these group of needy people by being a kingdom financer by giving towards the widows and the orphans and the church projects. As you advance the kingdom of God here on earth remember that you are also advancing in life. As we give back to the society keep in mind that OUR ABUNDANCE, THEIR NEED.

Please be among the kingdom financers,running the kingdom business professionally and efficiently for the Glory of God by Transforming and Improving local lives of the suffering community. God bless you!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow surely people and families are suffering out there,we have to thank God those who have all that these people lack in their daily lives. And as we thank God Let us be part of giving and supporting such group of people. I know am not the only one who is seeing this but we are many and together we can help and support such as these. I know it is not invain as we open our hearts and our hands to give and be of help to those suffring in the society. I am really touched and I pray that God help us to see the need in the society and be part of the pain.

Please Samuel help us to know how we can keep in touch with you and be a blessing to these people. You can create a website or use any method that we can be able to fund and donate to improve and and transform lives.
I really love your spirit and the mind you have,thinking financially and using finances to built the body of christ. God bless you and continue sharing.
#Joyce Tim# keep in touch.

Samuel A King said...

Thanks Joyce and I will try to come up with the website where you can freely give. Thanks for your encouragement and please let me get your email adress so that we can keep in touch with one another. Blessings.