Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Good choices are what separate the winners
from the rest of us. And managing time is what makes them achievable in life and their lives have an impact to the society whether they are believers or non-believers. What matters is time management,remember that time and chances happen to us all. So it is a way of ensuring we concentrate on results not being BUSY.

My fellow brethren it is not wise for you to be busy in what does not bring any impact or change in the society. To be busy is satan's new way to ensure that you believers don't get time with your God,you are ever busy making riches which are but smoke in the air. You are busy making money but still poor. Satan has stolen your precious time with God to seek him so that you can be busy for nothing and achieve nothing and this is the reason why we are ever busy untill we miss fellowship with God hence growing poor and poor.

The will of God for you and me is to be wealth but the will of Satan is for you to be poor and poor. Being busy simply means; BEING UNDER SATAN'S YOKE.
Being busy my brother achieves nothing of we are doing the wrong things. If you want your dreams to come true my Christian brother and overcome poverty, don't oversleep. Poverty is in the house of those who love sleep while others are working. Wealth and riches are in the house of those who are ever awake in time and in season with a reason to achieve, people with working dreams,ideas to invest in the kingdom of God. These are the people that during the day, they are working had not day dreaming to posses what they have not worked for.

Those who wake early to start their day with God,command their mornings and their days in a week, they make their dreams admirable and so touching. So as a kingdom son and daughter start running your dreams into achievable goals. Decide what you want to achieve in life and make it real commitment.

No excuses that, O you Know God knows me and accepts me the way I am , Yes it is true he knows us and accepts us the way we are but not being lazy, lazy in studying his word to know his will and purpose in life, praying to have an intimate relationship with him and grow our faith in him, worshipping to have a personal one on one fellowship with him, praising and offering thanksgiving for what he has done and what is about to do. "STOP BEING LAZY AND STYLE UP."

If you really know where you are going then you stand a chance of getting there. Okay.
God bless you and keep you. You are a Kingdom Financier in Jesus name.


Samuel A King said...

I hate poverty at all cost.God is rich why should I his child be poor.
Do you hate poverty the way I do?
God's will is for you to wealthy and not poor.Stop being deceived that when you are rich you wont go to heaven that is a big lie and false doctrine to make you not to believe that the one we serve is a rich person.

God is not happy when he sees us worshipping in semi permanent structures or churches built by mabati.
Rise up and raise a standard by being a financial supporter in the ministry.
Dont leave everything on pastor,you are there for a reason and a purpose in a season that God has put you under that ministry however small or big.
Plant in the ministry and great is your harvest in Jesus name.

Anonymous said...

Amen and let us avoid slumbering in Jesus name.