Friday, February 12, 2016


God is in the business of looking for men
and women with faith and courageous to take his kingdom to another level.He is seeking for believers who really know their identity in Christ,our walk in him,our lifestyle in him,and we are here not to walk by our own strength or power but walk in his great and mighty authority and power which he has bestowed upon me and you.

We need to be men and women who are moved by the holy Ghost and in everything we do we are courageous and full of faith which moves the mountain. Through faith  and walking in his power we are going to be people who declare and degree things which the Father has entrusted to us as his children born by faith and not by blood and they happen for his glory.

Kingdom Financiers we are going to shake the nations around us and turning them upside down,we have global minds to shake the world economic system with his word which has power and it is life. Our light has come and the glory of God is upon us and we are not going to sit down and see the children of God suffer in poverty, sickness and in debt, we have to finance the kingdom brother!! we are rising from the sleep and take our rightful positions in the kingdom as ambassadors carring the message of hope to the hopeless and afflicted ones. We are turning the impossible into possibility in Jesus name.The spirit of God not of men is upon us to heal the church from poverty,to set the church free from bondage, from collapsing,set the captives of debts in the church free. Casting out demons that torment the christian family in poverty.

The holy spirit upon us is transferring the spiritual blessings and riches in the physical manifestations. The body of Christ is going to speak big things and is going to go back into its rightful position as being rich and richer as it was in the early church, lacking nothing and having everything in common.

 The later church is not going to perish due to lack of knowledge and wisdom, because we have known the truth and the truth has set us free from what we were suffering from. The truth that we know is that Jesus paid it all on the cross,he took all and laid it on the tree,sickness,poverty, diseases, curses, sin, failure. All these things Jesus took them for us so that we can enjoy his goodness in the land of the living.

So rise up from your sleep and inherite your promises in the name of Jesus. Fear the lord and he will direct you to his goodness.

God bless you and always know that you are a kingdom financier.


Samuel A King said...

The impossible shall be possible and what is impossible with men with God it is possible.

Anonymous said...

I love that part that says let us arise from sleeping and rise to our rightful positions. God bless the works of your hand brethen as we look forward to be part of the ministry through our giving. Amen Mr king and you a king for real and I love the spirit in you.

Samuel A King said...

Welcome and God Bless us all as we come to a place of knowing who we are in the kingdom of God and our identity in Christ Jesus.

Anonymous said...

I am greatful God bless you Mr king.

Anonymous said...